Newington Courthouse Preschool offers half-day programs for each of the following:

3 Years by September 30
9:00-12:00 Tues. & Thurs.

4 Years by September 30
9:00-12:00 Mon., Wed. & Fri.

Early registration will be offered in February to current students and children who attend Newington Baptist Church. Open registration will begin in March. All applications will be taken on first-come first-serve basis.

Receipt of the contract along with the registration fees will automatically reserve a place in school. A parent or guardian will be notified immediately if a class is closed.

Program Regist. Curriculum/materials Supplies/insurance Total
3yrs          $40              $40          $40                  $120
4yrs          $40              $55          $55                  $150

Admission policy: The Newington Courthouse Preschool admits any child without regard to race, religion, or ethnic background.

Program Yearly tuition          Monthly payment Dates
3 yrs:                $810                        $90 Sep. 1- May 1
4 yrs:                $1035                     $115 Sep. 1- May 1

Special Events:
Get acquainted day, Birthdays, Field trips, Show and tell, Guest readers, Conferences, Spring program, and class pictures.

Holiday celebrations:
Harvest, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines day, and Easter.
Program Yearly tuition Monthly payment Dates